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Gemma Adair MCIM


Meet Gemma, the powerhouse behind Riada Consultancy, a marketing expert who helps businesses unlock their marketing potential. With an impressive 20-year marketing journey, Gemma has worked for and with some of the world's largest technology giants, including Accenture, Microsoft, Avanade, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ricoh Europe and K2 (Nintex).

Her deep understanding of the tech industry shines through her expertise in marketing strategy, crafting multi-channel campaigns, spearheading lead generation, forging powerful partner alliances, and ensuring seamless sales alignment across regions like the UK and EMEA.

An advocate for change, Gemma serves as a Board Trustee (Director) for the Aleto Foundation, supporting the next generation of young leaders. She’s also a member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

Gemma's passion lies in aligning organisations on their business and marketing strategy for long-term success. Her expertise, combined with a desire to empower others, makes her an influential and sought-after speaker, mentor, and consultant in the marketing world.

Companies Worked For & With



"I have to say probably in all my years of business this is the most comprehensive strategic marketing plan presented to me"

— Michael Morgan, Director

"I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Gemma for three years at K2 where we worked very closely on marketing campaigns together. Executing the events and online campaigns alongside each other was a challenging task, but very well-executed by Gemma with the focus on deliverables needed to hit targets."

— Michelle Kling, Campaign Manager

"Gemma and I worked together on the BPS Connect Programme. She was instrumental to make it happen and drove the initiative to generate more than 30 customer case studies"

— Pablo Vega de Llergo, European Lead

"Gemma is an enthusiastic and diligent member of any marketing of any marketing team. Working with Gemma over four years I was continually impressed with her dedication and easy manner with prospects and customers. She is an asset for any marketing team"

— Dennis Parker, Vice President EMEA

"Gemma is a star! I really enjoyed working with Gemma, she's conscientious, hardworking, open for new ideas and good at collaborating with others. In a fast paced environment, you need someone like Gemma; she is strategic whilst also gets stuck in when needed."

— Graham Healy, Executive Country Manager

"There are some marketing managers that just get it - Gemma is one of them. I had the pleasure of working with Gemma when she covered as an Interim Marketing Manager at the British Safety Council."

— Agnes Jumah, British Council

"Having worked with Gemma for almost a year, she supported the Inside Sales team that I managed by co-coordinating detailed campaigns and marketing initiatives geared toward lead generation. This directly helped us to bolster the target audience we worked into and in turn increased the sales pipeline we planned"

— Nathan Hallmark, Inside Sales Manager EMEA/APAC

"Gemma is an incredible supporter and an outstanding asset for any business that needs to grow fast. Gemma's infectious positivity, energy and her relentless motivation to help you succeed is unique. Gemma knows how to set any business up for success, to generate demand, raise awareness and take it to the next level. You would be lucky to have Gemma in your team"

— Perrine Farque, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

"I had the pleasure of working with Gemma during her time supporting Avanade in Ireland. Gemma quickly understood how to bring the best of Avanade's global marketing to Ireland but also how to tune it for Avanade in Ireland, our market, and our people."

— Graham Healy, Executive Country Manager

"As an external associate of K2 I've worked extensively with Gemma during her time there and have always found her to be professional, capable and incredibly courteous - with bucket loads of enthusiasm for her work thrown in. I wish all marketers were as passionate about their work as Gemma is!"

— Seb Matthews, Independent Consultant

"Gemma is a fantastic marketing project manager. She and I worked together on a few high-profile client evidence projects, and I was always impressed by her ability to bring together and coordinate a working team from multiple companies, including the client and our creative agency"

— Kevin Taylor, Marketing Consultant

"Gemma is very diligent and industrious and has really added some umph to our internal marketing capacity and delivery. I've presented at several marketing events that's she has planned and delivered and the preparation has been excellent. On a personal level she is a very popular team member and utterly professional - just nice basically!"

— Robin Meehan, Founder & CTO

"I worked with Gemma for the first 3 months of my new role at Intelligent Decisioning Ltd, and her knowledge and expertise on marketing tech has been invaluable to me. She has great insight into the industry and provided me with clear and specific suggestions as to how to develop my own marketing skills, and the marketing strategy for the company. She is a really positive person to work with and I'm very grateful for the support she has been able to offer me in my role and marketing career. Thank you Gemma!"

— Ellen Steel, Marketing Coordinator

"I've worked closely with Gemma over the past year when she started to support the Avanade Ireland business as Ireland Marketing lead. It's safe to say Gemma made a significant contribution and impact to our business."

— Karl Kohler, Director of Sales

"Gemma played a key role at Ricoh Europe linking Senior management with employees. Gemma chaired the Employee forum group in a professional and practical way ensuring improvements were implemented and communication improved. I would like to thank Gemma for all her help and positive attitude."

— David Mills, CEO

"Gemma was a 'transformer' at Stadium - someone who took an interest in everything the organisation was doing and made it her business to build a strong team spirit with all her colleagues, and to make a difference for our residents - every day. Gemma is a great person to have on your team!"

— Roz Spencer, CEO

"Gemma is a true gem and having her on any project is a win for every single member of the team. Her strategic thinking and flawless executions keep the overall objective at the center, with a focus on detail that is rarely seen in these fast paced times"

— Boris Gojic, Marketing Manager

"I work with many ISV's in the SharePoint and Microsoft eco systems and Gemma was my main point of contact at K2. She's a pleasure to work with and has been an exemplary ambassador for the K2 brand. She works hard to develop and maintain an extensive professional network based on strong personal relationships which she leverages for the benefit of K2."

— Symon Garfield, Practice Manager

"Gemma joined us and immediately devised short term priorities and a long term strategy for the marketing at id live.

At the same time, Gemma provided mentoring to our marketing co-ordinator who executed Gemma’s marketing strategy. Our marketing co-ordinator and Intelligent Decisioning as a whole, benefitted a great deal from Gemma’s advice and strategy.

— Anthony Pounder, Founder

Gemma is INCREDIBLE! Ask me why... Well, I'm gonna tell you! Gemma has a VERY different way of working and has the ability to truly understand an organisations brand. I always have respected how she transforms things for a company because she is able to understand and unravel the way companies work.

Gemma provides PRESENCE!! and that is noteworthy and priceless!

Keep doing this and you will eventually take over a small planet with your brand awareness and beautifully unconventional way of working a brand and understanding PEOPLE!

— Chris Huntingford, Global Power Apps Lead
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