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Does this sound and feel familiar?

  • Have you started your business, but don't have a marketing strategy or plan in place?
  • Are you ready to scale as a leader and business, but don't know what marketing activity or campaigns to implement?
  • Do you have a marketing resource or team in place that needs some support and strategic direction?
  • Is your organisations marketing and sales working in silo's and misaligned?
  • Are you an organisation hitting barriers to future sales and growth?

If yes, it's time to bring in an expert.

Through Riada Consultancyโ€™s holistic methodologies we will bridge the gap between leadership, marketing and sales and help unlock your marketing potential.

Our unique approach incorporates actively engaging stakeholders, embedding sustainable marketing tools & techniques, and utilising proven marketing activities to get your business on track.

What Do We Offer?


Riada helps businesses unlock their marketing potential. We do this by aligning
the people, the processes, and technology all of which drive marketing, generate sales, and promote growth.

Every business is at a different stage in their marketing journey. We understand this, and take a holistic approach to produce the best strategies, plans and tactics to drive businesses forward.

Get CLEAR, FOCUSED and READY to make the right decisions to drive the business forward.

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  • Review exising or implement new strategy, tactics and activity
  • Get the right processes and tools in place
  • Align your business objectives, sales targets and growth strategies



  • 1-to-1 training sessions
  • Upskill your team with a group training session
  • Understand and learn how to unlock your marketing, align your strategy and sales.



  • A marketing thought leader with over 15 years experience
  • Learn why marketing is crucial in business and in today's digitally-fuelled market place



  • Join Gemma's virtual group mentoring program
  • Get up to speed with the world of marketing and sales
  • Gain new insights, tips and resources
Comments and Reviews


"Gemma is an enthusiastic and diligent memeber of any marketing team. Working with Gemma over four years I was continually impressed with her dedication and easy manner with prospects and customers. She is an asset for many marketing team"ย 

Dennis, Vice President EMEA

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Gemma for three years at K2 where we worked very closely on marketing campaigns together. Executing the events and online campaigns alongside each other was a challenging task, but very well-executed by Gemma with the focus on deliverables needed to hit targets.

Michelle, Campaigns Manager

I have to say probably in all my years of business this is the most comprehensive strategic marketing plan presented to me

Michael, Director

Gemma and I worked together on the BPS Connect Programme. She was instrumental to make it happen and drove the initiative to generate more than 30 customer case studies

Pablo, European Lead
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